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Stainless steel prices rise Shanghai nickel follow strength

After a continuous decline, this week, Shanghai nickel prices appear to stabilize signs, four consecutive days of continuous rebound, the current 1709 contract has exceeded 76,000 yuan / ton line. Analysts said the market is expected to fundamentally improve the fundamentals of the industry on the basis of the "black" strength to further catalyze the Shanghai nickel rebound. From the fundamentals, the price can start long-term upward trend still need to observe.Colorful 201 304 rose gold hairline stainless steel sheet Yesterday, the Shanghai nickel price continued to rebound trend, 1709 contract eventually closed at 76,640 yuan / ton, up 610 yuan per ton, or 0.8%. "The market is expected to fundamentally turn the rally is the basis for the current rebound in nickel prices, while the overall strength of commodities, especially the 'black' strong, the indirect formation of nickel prices to boost.mill stainless steel 0.1mm metal sheet with low prices "East Branch Derivatives Research Institute, said Cai Yang, a non-ferrous metals analyst, from the fundamentals, pre-refined nickel and nickel iron phase to stop production to ease the supply growth pressure, while stainless steel prices rebounded sharply, short-term market demand for nickel is also expected improving.������ӧ�� �ާ֧�ѧݧݧڧ�֧�ܧڧ� ����ҧ� ss 430 Guoyin Futures Investment Advisory Xie Yulei said that the recent surge in rebar prices, stainless steel prices stabilized rebound, boost market confidence, driven by nickel prices stronger. But the downstream demand for stainless steel recovery remains to be seen. Spot, according to Cao Yang, nickel and nickel prices have rebounded to varying degrees, but the price picked up after the market wait and see mood is getting stronger, the actual turnover is not significantly improved for the time being.SGS certficiate Polished 316 stainless steel tube

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