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The Baltimore Orioles are focused on trying to

Twins Still Hoping Mauer Will Return From Concussion - RealGM Wiretap
The Minnesota Twins remain optimistic that Joe Mauer will return this season as he continues to recover from a concussion.

Terry Ryan and Ron Gardenhire said Mauer provided encouraging signs during a workout on Thursday.

"I'm holding out hope air jordan 4 royalty acheter , as you know, that we ultimately can get him back on the field, so we're working toward that," Ryan said.

Mauer took a foul ball in the mask on Aug. 19. Mauer hasn't had an IMPACT concussion test for about a week, but he is expected to re-join the team Monday back in Minneapolis if all continues to progress.

Birthday Fireworks And More Kids Party Planning Ideas Birthday Fireworks And More Kids Party Planning Ideas April 28, 2014 | Author: Luisa Sharpe | Posted in Customer Service

Party planning can be a lot of fun, especially when planning an event for children. However, if you haven’t planned a party before, it can be daunting. Whether you are planning for your own child, or for a friend’s or sibling’s child, you may need some ideas to get you started. Remember to stay within your budget! Birthday fireworks are great, but not every one is able to afford something that extravagant.

Even if you cannot afford a huge, extravagant celebration jordan 11 velvet noir , you can definitely create a party that kids will love. Often, children do not have a concept of how much something costs. All they know is whether or not they had fun. Here are some tips and things to keep in mind to help you plan the party and keep your sanity.

1. Pick a theme. Does you child have a particular character that he or she loves, like Caillou or Doc McStuffins? Choose the character as the theme for the party. Any party supply store will stock cups, streamers, banners, plates, and more with the most popular characters. Your child could even wear a costume to the party!

2. Make the menu simple. You will thank yourself later if you choose food with minimal preparation and minimal clean-up. Pizza, chicken, and hot dogs are all good options. You can place an advance order and get them prepared, perhaps even delivered! You can also order a cake that fits with the party theme (although there is nothing like homemade cake, if you are a baker.) Supplement the main food items with a few snacks and beverages, and you’re good to go!

3. Pick one main activity and several smaller ones. If your budget allows, you main activity might be something big jordan 11 bordeaux velour , like a fireworks display, a pony, or a traveling petting zoo. However, you could also plan a movie day, a soccer game, or a big scavenger hunt. All of those things will be entertaining if they’re planned well. Be sure to have some smaller activities, like coloring books and bubbles, on hand for kids who get bored.

4. Add some special touches. An attractive candy table with a large selection will be the hit of the party! You can decorate a birthday chair for the birthday boy or girl, and you can also send home gift bags with the guests. They do not have to be expensive; just some candy and a few trinkets.

5. Have other adults help you. This goes for both the planning stages and the actual party. Do NOT try to handle all of this on your own. Enlist friends, siblings, and other parents to help out. Make sure you have at least one adult for every five kids at the party. This will help your sanity a lot.

No matter what you theme or your activities, make sure you are focused and organized in your planning. The kids will be entertained whether you have a clown, fireworks jordan 11 velvet femme , a movie, or a family member dressed as Elmo! Once you get the formula for planning a party down, it will get easier.

You can visit blueskyfireworks for more helpful information about Birthday Fireworks And Other Kids Party Ideas.

Kershaw On Pace For Historic ERA - RealGM Wiretap

Clayton Kershaw dominated the Miami Marlins on Thursday, lowering his ERA to a Major-League best 1.72.

Only four pitchers have posted a sub-1.80 ERA at least 25 starts into a season. Dwight Gooden, Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez accomplished the feat.

"He kind of gets himself into routines and he's just marching onward all the time. One start's over and he's on to the next one. That one's over and it's time to start the next process," Don Mattingly said.

"What I enjoy with Clayton is that it's every pitch, every batter, no matter what the score is, he attacks, he's focused, he's not wanting to make one bad pitch, not wanting to let any runners on. He just wants to execute air jordan 11 heiress velvet acheter , execute, execute. That's tough to do over a long season. He's a machine."

Lester Says Hes Happy In Boston - RealGM Wiretap A few hours after Peter Gammons told a Boston-area radio station that he felt Jon Lester was unhappy with the Red Sox, the left-hander tweeted the opposite. "Guys, I love Boston, very happy here," Lester tweeted. "Nothing better than playing for the @RedSox, hope to be here for my entire career." Wainwright Cardinals Moving Towards Extension Deadline - RealGM Wiretap

Negotiations on a contract extension between the Cardinals and Adam Wainwright continue to accelerate with a mutually understood deadline of Opening Day.

Sources on both sides indicate that an agreement will likely come before Wainwright throws his first pitch of the 2013 season.

"The St. Louis Cardinals and Adam Wainwright aggressively continue to work to a resolution on his contract status," John Mozeliak said. "And there is a sincere desire as there has always been to find a way to extend Adam. As opening day draws near, talks are intensifying and both parties agree that resolution is best sooner rather than later."

Wainwright, 31, is entering the final year of a contract he signed during spring training 2008 that will end up being a six-year, $36-million dea.

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